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Len’s Firewood is now a division of the Grand River group, located at 6430 Beatty Line Fergus.  We are an organization that is all about trees. We grow, maintain, transplant, plant, sell, and remove trees and in their final stand we process them into firewood.

If you need firewood we have quality mixed woods, well seasoned and ready to be delivered and burned in your fireplace.

With our recently purchased milling saw we have started to make unique and interesting wood sculptures and garden features from the multitude of hardwood and softwood logs on our site.

We are located on an 18 acre lot the edge of the Town of Fergus that is covered in piles of hardwood.  You will also find young nursery trees, (firewood for the next generation), landscape supplies and trees, shrubs and perennial for sale.  You will find friendly staff that can help you with any and all your questions and needs related to firewood and or trees.

About our Wood


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About Our Wood

We sell only premium quality hardwood.

$130.00 + tax - Facecord (12 or 16 inch) Delivered within a 30 km radius

$400.00 + tax - Bushcord (12 or 16 inch) Delivered within a 30 km radius

*Please note for deliveries outside the 30 km radius there will be an additional charge.

There is no definitive answer to which is the best wood to burn. There are many differing views, and in fact, personal preference plays an important role in the choices people make. Some prefer to determine which wood has the greatest heat output from which latest airtight stove. Another person prefers the smell of Apple wood, while another needs the comforting sound of the snap crackle and pop of the wood burning in the fireplace.

Attempts have been made by various individuals and authorities to establish a more universal grading and measuring system for firewood. To date nobody has come up with a satisfactory method. BTUs is the most widely used way to at least summarize, or approximate the amount of heat output provided by firewood.

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24 Hour Emergency Service - 519-843-1528


6430 Beatty Line,
Fergus, Ontario N0B 1S0

Monday-Friday: 8:00 - 5:00
Saturday 8:00 – 5:00 and Sunday 10:00 – 4:00

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Phone: 519-843-1528
Email: info@grandrivergroup.ca